Certified seeds with high cannabinoid content

In collaboration with Enecta, our official partner, we have developed two new Cannabis Sativa L. varieties, EU-certified and with THC percentages below 0.2 %.


ur certified industrial hemp seeds are an absolute novelty because they have a high cannabinoid content and guarantee a high germination rate: key factors for an abundant harvest with consistent and uniform yields.

Our varieties are ready for sowing, ideal for outdoor cultivation but also for indoor cultivation and the production of “enhanced biomass”, given the higher percentages of active ingredients (cannabinoids and terpenes) they contain compared to other industrial hemp varieties. They are stable genetics maintaining their characteristics over time, from generation to generation.

Want to grow hemp? Invest safely with our certified seeds!

Certified seed is the starting point for successful cultivation as well as an important risk management tool.

Certification, while being a requirement to grow hemp in accordance with the law, is also a security for the buyer as it guarantees that the seeds meet the requirements of the protocol signed by the European Community.

By choosing our certified seeds, you have the assurance that you are growing healthy, safe and resistant plants and that you will have a successful harvest.


A certified seed will produce pure genetics, free of seeds of other varieties of the same crop species as well as other cultivated species. Genetic purity guarantees that the seed belongs to the variety being certified and that there are no mixes of other varieties or other crops. Pure genetics are never subject to hybridization or fluctuation, the hemp seeds of each variety being kept strictly separated and isolated from those of any other legal hemp variety. The European standard of genetic purity is very high.


Almost every certified hemp seed is expected to germinate, which experts believe cannot be said for non-certified seeds. The germination rate is the productive ratio between the number of hemp seeds that have been planted and the number of plants that reach harvest. European certification requires it to be no less than 70-80%. It is a very important element to take into consideration before making an agricultural investment as the goal is to have the highest yield with the least amount of hemp seeds.


Certified seeds are grown and processed according to strict production rules and strict specifications to maintain the health of the crop. Only seeds processed and handled in registered processing facilities are able to meet the requirements for a healthy and plentiful harvest.


We carry out a strict process of batch homogeneity control, ensuring that all seeds are of uniform size and health, which guarantees consistency of sowing and yield. Optimal seed size helps plant strength from the germination stage and high yields.


A certified seed is one whose specific origin is known. Certification guarantees that each step is carried out through precise quality controls, both during production and storage. We ensure that each seed is healthy and ready to be planted. All our batches contain only fresh, controlled and properly stored hemp seeds. Our in-house traceability system allows us to:

  • Trace and follow the path of our seeds through all stages of production and distribution, allowing us to meet the high and set standards of safety and quality, with a parallel and continuous improvement of every aspect of production;
  • The documented traceability proves the company’s assumption of responsibility for protecting the health of the product, with transparency of the production system and greater trust for the customer;
  • allows specific information on product safety and quality to be retrieved;
  • makes it possible to identify and keep track of every aspect of activities, from the company to the customer.

it has been crucial to dedicate years of research and development to defining these amazing genetic traits, now freely accessible through certified seeds.

High Quality Guaranteed

The distinctive “certified seed” label ensures that the seed you purchase has passed all the propagation, inspection, and cleaning processes necessary to guarantee a pure product.

Verification of compliance involves taking samples, conducting laboratory tests, confirming packaging and labeling procedures, and carrying out inspections to verify varietal identity and purity.

Specifically, the quality assured by the Certification System through the requirements of the EU Regulation allows us to know Origin, Traceability, Homogeneity, Specific Purity, Varietal Purity, Germination, Absence of other unwanted seeds at sowing, Health and Humidity.


Known for its high terpene production combined with a high CBD content, Enectaliana produces over 5-6% cannabinoids and reaches the highest concentrations under optimal growing conditions.

Campo di EnectalianaEnectaliana is an extraordinarily high-performing and productive cannabidiol genetic due to its solid genetic stability, which makes it easily adaptable to natural substrates and all kinds of environmental conditions. and its incredible germination capacity (95%), which far exceeds the standards set by the European community (70-80%) and most commercially available varieties.


With a medium-to-high cannabidiol content of 5-6% and a THC content of less than 0.2%, making it fully compliant with current regulations, Enectaliana is a Cannabis Sativa variety designed to give the maximum in terms of active ingredients as well. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, but rich in beneficial and therapeutic properties, now available not only in the form of inflorescences and extracts. Its potential to alleviate chronic pain and its antioxidant properties make it the subject of interest in various sectors, from food to cosmetics to pharmacology.

The high CBD content is combined with a very rich and refined terpene profile that gives it a natural, fruity aroma that is very appealing when used in inflorescence form.


The plant is characterized by its intense green color; if grown in areas with a particularly cold climate, it develops purplish streaks on the leaves. This variety of industrial hemp has reduced vegetative development and grows less in height.

We recommend a density of 7,000 to 10,000 seeds per hectare. If sown in May, it will start to germinate at the beginning of June and pre-flower in July and you can harvest it from the end of September/October. The fact that the plant grows slightly upwards favors indoor cultivation, but it also performs very well outdoors, because Enectaliana adapts well to substrates and natural environmental conditions, including low temperatures and cold climates.


Enectaliana - pianta singola

The great plus of Enectaliana is that it is a perfect inflorescence variety that also fulfills all the criteria for biomass extraction and is characterized by a much higher amount of active ingredient than is usually found in industrial hemp plants intended for this use, resulting in higher productivity.

Just one example: Futura75, one of the best-known and most widely used genetics, has a CBD content of around 2-4%, Enectaliana doubles this result. From our certified seeds, we obtain and produce an exceptional, selected, and extraordinarily pure extraction hemp biomass, free of branches, stems, and seeds.

Enectaliana is suitable for the production of light cannabis inflorescences and the cultivation of industrial hemp biomass for pharmaceutical, food, or cosmetic purposes.


Biomass Enectaliana Industrial Hemp – CBD
Gross gain per hectare (ha) 21,000 € 2,000 €
CBD content of dry biomass 5 – 6% 2 – 3%
THC content <0.2% <0.2%
Average dry biomass yield per ha
(by using 7,000 – 10,000 seeds per ha)
2,500 – 3,000 kg
extractable CBD*: 68.75 kg *extraction percentage: 50%; CBD concentration: 5%; average biomass: 2.75 t
800 – 1.000 kg
extractable CBD*: 9 kg *extraction percentage: 50%; CBD concentration: 2%; average biomass: 0.9 t


A high CBG variety, is the result of rigorous selection and development. Enectarol is one of the best-performing CBG varieties that will help your business succeed in a booming market.


Enectarol is a brand-new industrial hemp variety with a high CBG cannabigerol content (approximately 5-6%). Cannabigerol CBG is a cannabinoid with many therapeutic properties, which has only recently been valued in the cannabis world. Just like Enectaliana, it is solid and stable and, like her, has a much higher than average germination rate: 80%.

Its therapeutic potential suggests that it has extraordinary antibacterial properties and that it can help treat glaucoma, certain neurodegenerative diseases, and intestinal disorders. It is a cannabinoid that has aroused the curiosity of the pharmacological, food, and cosmetic industries. It is therefore a variety designed to succeed in a very new and already expanding market.

In designing this variety of industrial hemp, we focused on quality in the sense of the richness of active ingredients, smoothness, and pleasant aroma, stability, purity and homogeneity of the genetics.


Enectarol - pianta singola

The plant is bright green, low, and bushy. Enectarol is characterized by its medium-compact flowers that are particularly rich in trichomes and the bright white reflections released by the CBG.

It is a variety that adapts well to outdoor as well as indoor cultivation.

We recommend a density of 7,000 to 10,000 seeds per hectare.

Flowering time is around two months and the yield is very high thanks to the high germination rate, a key element that we kept in mind during the selection phase.


The cannabinoid yield of Enectarol is much higher than average: Santhica70, one of the best-known CBG genetics, has a cannabigerol content of 2-3%; Enectarol, on the other hand, reaches 4-6%, so the yields will be much higher. Just like Enectaliana, Enectarol not only meets all the criteria to be an ideal industrial hemp variety for biomass production, but also offers something extra in terms of quality and quantity of active ingredients.

Enectarol is an absolute novelty for the biomass market. The genetics is suitable for fiber production and gives the best for cosmetic and food extractions, given the high CBG content and the total absence of chemical components.


Biomass Enectarol Industrial Hemp – CBG
Gross gain per ha 20,000 € 2,000 €
CBG content of dry biomass 4 – 6% 1 – 2%
THC content <0.1% <0.1%
Average dry biomass yield per ha
(by using 7,000 – 10,000 seeds per ha)
2.000 – 2.500 kg
CBG to extract*: 45 kg *extraction percentage: 50%; CBG concentration: 5%; average biomass: 2.25 t
600 – 800 kg
CBG to extract*: 7 kg *extraction percentage: 50%; CBG concentration: 2%; average biomass: 0.7 t

Why sowing Enectaliana and Enectarol

Use of less seed per ha: lower seed quantities result in significant savings
Reducing the number of branches per hectare and their disposal costs.
High, above-average cannabinoid content
Reduced weed presence: increases crop health and reduces the risk of contamination
Increased resistance to diseases and adversities

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Certified seeds are listed in a Common European Catalogue and are identified by an identification tag/label, without which they cannot be cultivated. The tags/labels, in addition to proving admission to the European register and, therefore, allowing the seeds to be used, must be kept by the farmer for a period of no less than twelve months, as must the purchase invoices for the period stipulated by the regulations in force (Law 242/2016, Provisions for the promotion of the cultivation and agro-industrial chain of hemp).

Certified seed is safe and guaranteed because it has passed several quality standards: all multiplication, inspection, and cleaning processes to guarantee a pure product.  Certification also attests to the seed’s conformity to its type: pure genetics with specific characteristics (origin, homogeneity, purity) from which a stable, suitable and safe variety is obtained.


The distinctive “certified seed” label guarantees that the acquired seed has passed all the multiplication, inspection and cleaning processes necessary to ensure a pure product. Specifically, the quality ensured by the certification system through the requirements of the EU Regulation means that we are aware of origin, traceability, homogeneity, specific purity, varietal purity, germination, absence of other unwanted seeds at sowing as well as health and humidity.


Getting the certification is not easy; the steps and tests to which the seeds and then the plants are subjected are many and complex. First of all, the hemp variety for which certification is sought must have unique characteristics that cannot be found in any other variety. These same characteristics must lead to improvements and innovations on an agricultural-industrial level: for example, a higher yield, a simpler cultivation method, or particular resistance to adverse climates or insects and pests. Once the uniqueness of the genetics has been established, they will be subjected to intensive testing during which other factors will be verified, including the health of the seed, THC levels, germination rate, homogeneity, and stability of the genetics themselves.