About us

About us

Green Valley Project

was born in Castelvecchio Subequo, a small village in the Abruzzo region inland, in the province of L'Aquila.


e are surrounded by the mountains of the Subequana valley, within the beautiful Sirente-Velino Regional Park.

Here, as in many small towns in Abruzzo, agriculture and the farming industry still sustain a significant percentage of employment and income.

Our mission is to provide high-quality hemp raw materials and set a standard of excellence with affordable products to inspire, educate and empower the growing hemp community.

The Production Chain


nnovation, experimenting, and compliance with standards are the guiding principles that have led Green Valley to close the entire hemp agro-industrial cultivation chain.

A virtuous reality that involves all stages of production, from cultivation using environmentally sustainable techniques to processing and marketing, creating economic opportunities and employment.

The inflorescences and biomass, cultivated according to production and processing regulations (GACP – Good Agricultural and Collecting Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), protocols, are our greatest resource.

With the contribution of agronomists and laboratory technicians, researchers, and experts in the field, we have set up the correct agronomic practices and appropriate methodologies to guarantee maximum safety for the supply chain and best manage the cultivation of hemp seed and the processing of its plants, with a focus on standardizing the production line and controlling the THC level.

For sowing operations we use certified seeds: over the years we have tested the best varieties, Futura 75, Santhica, Finola, up to the development of two new genetics fino a creare due nuove genetiche, Enectaliana and Enectarol, registered in the EU and USA, that are already very appreciated in the market.


Soil preparation, variety selection, and fertilization choice according to soil type.


Cultivation management


Constantly monitored, the plant material is harvested when the maximum percentage of cannabinoids is reached, in order to ensure a qualitatively suitable end product.


After drying, the plant material is assigned a batch number for traceability and tracing back to its source. At this point, it can either be directly stored or undergo the processing cycle, i.e. the separation of selected stems and shredding of the dried material.


The product is packaged and stored in a safe and monitored environment.

The driving force behind our supply chain is the controls on the origin and later processing of the product, which guarantee its quality by safeguarding intermediate and final safety.

The “supply chain traceability” and compliance with strict hygiene and health standards, defined according to the HACCP criteria, are a great guarantee of transparency as they allow the buyer to know the origin of the raw materials, the production methods, the processing processes, and the transport methods adopted.


Green Valley is part of a network of companies and research centers that have been working for years with a participative and responsible approach to the innovation process of hemp cultivation.

Want to become our partner?

Green Valley's goal is to involve new partners, raw material suppliers, and cannabis experts who provide the expertise they have developed, to create a widespread network of growers who are structured and solid in their skills and processes, and who are able to offer the market a product of the highest quality. Do you want to become our partner? Fill in the contact form and let's start collaborating!


Founded in 2015, Canvasalus is a company specializing in hemp cultivation and testing of genetic solutions. Green Valley operates using the best technical knowledge about industrial hemp and carries out its activities based on the application of the company's proprietary advanced scientific research.

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Green Valley is Enecta's official partner company in the cultivation of hemp for the extraction of non-psychotropic active ingredients. Enecta works to develop phytocannabinoid-based extracts and therapeutic solutions from plants selected and cultivated by Green Valley according to the highest quality standards. Together, they have invested in the cultivation of more than 136 hectares of land between Abruzzo and Veneto with three different varieties of industrial hemp: Futura 75, Santhica 27 and Finola.

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Bio Tabs

Biotabs is a Dutch innovative research and production company for organic fertilisers and soil conditioners, with over 30 years of experience in cultivation. Biotabs and GreenValley are developing a research project in the Abruzzo region based on organic fertilisers and beneficial bacteria, with the aim of improving the soil substrate and crop disease resistance to achieve the best quality of our hemp plants.

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Together with CREA-CI, the Research Centre for Grain and Industrial Crops of the Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics, GreenValley is developing a project on the optimization of agronomic techniques for the cultivation of Cannabis sativa.

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Farming Cooperatives

Green Valley collaborates with local farming cooperatives in the extensive cultivation, improvement, and standardization of hemp material processes and methods. We offer innovations that make it easier to control crop safety, harvesting processes, data collection, and the improvement of post-harvest techniques.



he processes we follow for the cultivation, harvesting, drying, packaging and storage of our hemp plants meet specific requirements and standards of quality, hygiene and safety, as attested by certifications obtained from third-party certification bodies.

The quality management system, applied at all stages, ensures that products are made under suitable hygienic conditions and are processed with care so that the hemp plants are not damaged during harvesting, cultivation, processing, and storage.

Compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) protocols also guarantees high-quality products and no risk to the consumer.

The application of these practices guarantees customer safety and high-quality standards, from seed to final product, minimizing the risk of contamination. Analyses on cannabinoids, the absence of THC, microbiology, residual solvents, and heavy metals, carried out by third-party laboratories, attest to the efficacy and safety of the product.

GACP Certificate

Certificazione GACP(Guidelines On Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) attest to the correct and uncontaminated handling of plant material both at harvest and post-harvest stages.


IS0 9001:2015 Certificate

Certificazione ISOcertifies the quality and efficiency of our internal processes for production based on: optimized use of resources, reduction of waste, and continuous improvement of quality performance.


GLOBAL G.A.P. Certificate

guarantees the safety and traceability of our products, the application of best practices in agriculture, and the proper management of aspects related to environmental sustainability and the health, safety, and welfare of our workers.

GRASP Certificate

(Global G.A.P Risk Assessment on Social Practices) certifies our commitment to good social practices related to the health, safety, and welfare of Green Valley workers.


We strongly believe in the social value of work and in the idea that hemp can be a tool for growth and socio-economic development for people and countries. A way to generate change and give rise to important projects for training, sharing of know-how, cultural exchange and social integration.