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NewsHemp Biomass, properties and quality of the product

Hemp Biomass, properties and quality of the product

The processing of quality Sativa cannabis requires precise treatment operations, subject to guarantee and safety protocols

Cannabis Sativa Biomass is the apical  part of the plant, excluded the shaft. With enormous potentialities and numerous fields of application, it can be used in the pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetics and energy sectors. 

Do you know Cannabis Biomass?

When we speak about Biomass we intend the organic part of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant.

Varieties of cannabis sativa rich in CBD and CBG are selected, for example, by the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic sector, from which they obtain cannabis distillates, but not only; also hemp oil, CBD crystals and all possible derivatives coming from the processing of the product.

Cannabis Sativa presents itself as a very versatile plant:

– High CBD contents

– Production of eco-friendly material

– High productivity

Low environmental impact

– High production of cellulosic material  

The processing of Cannabis Sativa for the above mentioned purposes, requires precise processing operations, subject to protocols of guarantee and security, which certify its quality. 

Quality Biomass 

The Cannabis industry engaged in the processing of Biomass sources quality products on the market; Green Valley produces hemp Biomass with a high quantity of cannabinoids, CBD and CBG, while maintaining the levels of THC low.

Green Valley presents biomass produced in 2019, stored in a secure way, in order to guarantee the best quality possible.

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Green Valley, where are the cultivations?

The fields Green Valley utilises for cultivation are accurately selected, in order to guarantee the absence of chemical substances; in fact during the cultivation no pesticides are applied and the guidelines of GACP (Good agricultural and collection practices for medicinal plants) as well as the protocols of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) are scrupulously observed, so as to preserve the purity of the material to the max. 

In the 2019 season, for example, in the Veneto region we were engaged in the cultivation of over 150 hectares, with the involvement of local productive activities.

Obtaining quality Hemp means programming the job: identification and analyses of the land on which to operate, analyses of the weather conditions of the territory.

Lab analyses during the season – the variation of a percentage point of CBD/CBG can make the difference with regard to the value of the product. Scheduling harvesting, in order to avoid dispersion of both product and energies. 


Cannabis Sativa in Italy, cultivation in a secure manner

In Italy it has been possible to grow Cannabis Sativa securely for some years now. This topic was regulated by Law no. 242/2016.

Cultivating in a secure manner means, according to provisions of Law, utilising exclusively seeds which are listed in the European Register of seeds, with the certification attested by their identification tag.

Green Valley proposes an interesting purchasing opportunity with the promotion of Futura 75 seeds.

Futura 75 is a monoecious variety developed in France; in general it develops a percentage of CBD/CBDA of about 2-3% and 0.12% of THCA/THC.

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